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Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Take control and reduce the risk of suffering serious diabetic complications.

Testing your blood glucose, also known as Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG), is a method of checking how much glucose (sugar) is in the blood using a glucose meter -- anywhere, anytime.

The main goals of diabetes management are to carefully control blood glucose, while decreasing the risks of low and high blood glucose side effects, and help slow or possibly prevent diabetes-related health problems

A blood glucose meter is a good way to test and track the immediate effects of food, activity and other changes in your blood glucose levels. This allows you to take immediate action to bring your glucose levels within range as recommended by your doctor.

OneTouch: Services
OT SelectSimple meter.png

OneTouch SelectSimple

OT UltraPlusFlex meter.png

OneTouch Ultra Plus Flex

OT UltraEasy Meter.png

OneTouch UltraEasy

OT Ultra2 meter.png

OneTouch Ultra2

OT SelectSimple Test Strips.png
OT UltraPlus Test Strips.png
OT Ultra Test Strips.png

OneTouch SelectSimple Test Strips

OneTouch Ultra Plus
Test Strips

OneTouch Ultra
Test Strips

OneTouch: Services
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OT Delica.png
OT Suresoft Lancets.png

OneTouch UltraSoft

OneTouch Delica
Lancing Device & Lancets

OneTouch SureSoft
Lancing Device

OneTouch: Services
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