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5-in-1 Monitoring System

EasyMate PLUS: Welcome
EasyMate PLUS: Welcome
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Your Total Healthcare Solution

EasyMate Plus Monitoring System is designed for in vitro diagnostic use only (external use only). The system is for healthcare professionals and people with diabetes, hypercholesterolemia or hyperuricemia to measure glucose, cholesterol and uric acid values in fresh capillary whole blood from finger stick quantitatively. Frequent monitoring of whole blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid is an adjunct to the care of people in that situations. Simply apply a drop of blood to the test strip, the test result will be displayed on the screen after 6 seconds for glucose, uric acid & hemoglobin; 15 seconds for cholesterol and 80 seconds for triglyceride

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A Simple Way To Check Your Blood On The Go!

A simple way to check your blood on the go. The easy-to-use and intuitive designed of EasyMate Plus Blood Testing System is suitable for all ages. Plus, the carrying case has a papery feel. Only a small volume of your blood sample with a few seconds, checking your Blood glucose/ Uric Acid/ Cholesterol/ Hemoglobin/ Triglyceride has become easier than ever.

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Measures 5 parameter in one meter.
Glucose 450 / Cholesterol 50 / Uric Acid 50 / Hemoglobin 50 / Triglyceride 50 memory.
Glucose 6 / Cholesterol 15 / Uric Acid 6 / Hemoglobin 6 / Triglyceride 80 seconds test time.

Automatic strip type detection.
Large LCD screen with simple interface.
Compact in size and easy to operate.
Automatically power on / off.
2 years warranty.

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