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Electronic Allergy Reliever Device

Bionette: Welcome
Bionette: Welcome

What is Bionette?

Bionette is a revolutionary medical device which delivers relief from pet allergies, hay fever and allergic rhinitis symptoms.

The commonly believed notion that “drugs solve everything” has been debunked by Bionette, an electronic medical device that treats Allergic Rhinitis - without the need for anti- histamines. The concept has been proven in 12 different clinical trials, involving nearly 700 patients.

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Bionette: About

How it works

Bionette utilizes low level narrow band light technology. Exposure of tissues in the nose to low-energy narrow-band light yields enhanced nitric oxide production.

Stimulation by nitric oxide mediates wound repair and inflammatory healing process.

Bionette: About
Bionette: List

NO Drugs!

NO known side effects

NO known harmful interactions with other medications

Effective and safe for children 6 years and older

Clinically proven - Efficacy demonstrated in clinical trials

Small, compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use

Bionette provides relief from

  • Tree Pollens (Alder, Box Elder, Birch, American Elm, Mulberry, and Oaks)

  • Grass Pollens (Bermuda Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Johnson Grass, Bahia, Orchard, Meadow Fescue, Rye Grass, Redtop, and Sweet Vernal)

  • Air Transmitted Flower and Weed Pollens(Ragweed, Dock, Golden Rod, Plantains, Sheep Sorrel, Thistle, Sagebrush and Nettles)

  • Spores

  • Moulds

  • Mites and cockroaches

  • Dust

  • Animal allergies

  • and other airborne sources of nasal inflammation.

Bionette: Text

The BioNette offers different treatment concept, clinically proven, side effect free, that is equal to the anti-histamine industry. As was formally proved in the article of the most prestige American rhinology magazine: Efficacy of endonasal phototherapy for relieving the symptoms of allergic rhinitis: Meta-analysis; American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy, Volume 29, July/August 2015,

the BioNette provides a genuine treatment similar to anti-histamine

Bionette: Text
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